Welcome to LUA & LUC!

LUA design

Started 2004 by the swedish designer Desiré Esgard. The LUA jewellery is made soo you can wear in your daily life and that is comfortable to wear as well. We make lot´s off ring sizes, because it´s very hard to get good sizes from most jewellery brands. I find inspiration everywere in my daily life and when I travel.

You can buy some of my designs on our webshop. Please visit my home page if you want to buy direct from me, there you can see what markets I will sell on in Germany and Sweden. Also have LUA design in some shops.

LUC design

Started by a german designer Luc.  I´m an interiour designer, photo artist and jewellery designer.My focus and passion is o n details in my work and design.

My jewellery design you can buy from our webshop or direct from me when am on markets with LUA design.

You can only buy my photoart from our webshop though!

You can write to me in German, English or French if you want to ask something.